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The Department was formally incorporated in January 1954. The Department’s first vehicle was an Army surplus truck that had been converted to a brush truck. It was provided by Brevard county in August 1953. The first two bays of the fire station were built in 1954 on the site of an old tennis and shuffleboard court. This first station was built with the labor of the volunteer firefighters and funded by donations. Before the station had been constructed, the truck was usually parked outside the home of Paul Earlebach, the Department’s first Fire Chief.

During the early days of the Beach Volunteer Fire Department, firefighting was a very basic affair. Emergency calls were telephoned to a member’s house. That member would then pick up the truck and drive to the homes of other members, sounding the siren as he pulled up the driveway. These members were not provided with any protective clothing and had to fight fire in their everyday street clothes.

The Beach Volunteer Fire Department answered fire alarms both on the beach and on the mainland.